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The Indic Subtitler team spearheads a movement aimed at facilitating the seamless generation of Indic subtitles. We value Open Source, Learning, and Open Communication

Picture of Kurian Benoy

Kurian Benoy

Kurian Benoy is currently working as an ML Engineer building Full-Stack GenAI at Sarvam.ai. He has a background in computer science and machine learning, with experience in natural language processing, GenAI, computer vision, and Voice tech. Kurian have contributed to various open source organizations like Keras, DVC, HuggingFace, fast.ai, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, CloudCV etc. He is the maintainer of whisper_normalizer python package which has monthly 90,000+ downloads and is creator of Vegam Whisper and MalWhisper models.

Picture of Aldrin Jenson

Aldrin Jenson

Aldrin Jenson is a versatile software engineer hailing from Kerala, currently working in Research and Development in Generative AI at Thoughtworks Technologies. With a proven track record of developing, deploying, and maintaining diverse applications across multiple industries, Aldrin's expertise transcends conventional boundaries. His passion for innovation is evident in his extensive portfolio of projects, which spans various domains and employs a wide array of tech stacks. Apart from his professional pursuits, Aldrin is an avid participant in hackathons and meetups, where he actively engages with fellow enthusiasts to explore cutting-edge technologies. In his free time, Aldrin enjoys playing the guitar and immersing himself in music. Committed to giving back to the community, he volunteers with various NGOs and tech communities, organizing events to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. With a natural inclination towards connecting with others, Aldrin enjoys engaging in discussions and geeking out over all things tech.

Picture of Nabeel Boda

Nabeel Boda

Nabeel Boda is a dedicated software developer with a passion for crafting dynamic web applications. With a wealth of experience across diverse web technologies such as such as React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS, etc. He has successfully engineered several products that have garnered user adoption. Currently pursuing a BTech in Computer Science, Nabeel's expertise in web development elevates every project he undertakes.

Our Mentors

Bharat Shetty Barkur

Experienced AI specialist who has worked in diverse places and teams in different roles in a few places such as Airtel Labs, IBM India Software Labs, Aruba Networks, Fybr, Concert HealthAI, and a lot of startups trying to build products and platforms across diverse verticals leveraging AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Software Engineering making use of fundamental Computer Science principles and concepts. Strong engineering professional with a Master's degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelors of Engineering focused in Computer Science and Engineering from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.

Simrat Hanspal

Simrat Hanspal is an NLP specialist with 14 years of experience building AI/ML products and solutions for startups and large organizations. Currently, she is spearheading AI product strategy at Hasura. She has previously worked with companies like Amazon, VMware, Fi Money, and Nirvana.


Creator of CodeCherryPop LLM series and specialise working with roleplay and code generation models.

Sumod K Mohan

Founder/C.E.O AutoInfer, ex-CTO Niqo Robotics. Building Vision/NLP/Robotics products.